Are you flossing?

Many people hate flossing or just forget to do it, but it is actually really good for the health of your teeth and gums. Unfortunately toothbrushes (manual or electric) are not able to fully access and clean in between the teeth where they are tightly touching. This is especially true with the big back molar teeth. So particles of food and plaque get stuck here and stay stagnant, and because plaque is so sticky, even mouthwashes are not able to fully dislodge it. This is why the most common area of decay in adults is in between the back teeth!

Really look after your teeth with regular flossing:

Always use a long enough piece of floss- about 30cm, and twirl it around your index fingers. Gently slide the floss in between the teeth. If your teeth are very tight, try a slow see-saw action to get it down without hurting your gums. Then hug the floss around each tooth and polish with an up and down motion.

If flossing is difficult for you, try a floss holder or floss stick. These are stick handles with 2 prongs with floss across the end. They make it much easier to floss and can be used with one hand.


Make sure to floss every tooth you want to keep!