Mouthguards are very important for the protection of teeth from sporting injuries, effectively halving the risk of damage to the teeth when worn.

There are many different types of mouthguards available. Over the counter mouthguards available from the pharmacy are generally ill-fitting, uncomfortable and can restrict breathing. This means it is more likely to be left in the gym bag than worn in the mouth! The ideal protection is provided by a custom fitted mouthguard made specifically for your teeth.

Custom mouthguards are more comfortable and provide a better tighter fit. Having a custom made mouthguard prevents dental injuries and any subsequent expenses from having to repair the damaged teeth/jaws.

Anyone playing contact sports should consider having a custom mouthguard fitted: AFL, Rugby, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Netball, Wrestling, Martial arts or any other contact sports.

Don’t forget to wear your mouthguard during training as well as during matches! Our mouthguards are made from shock absorbing material in a variety of colours.